Beneath The Broadcast

A few months ago Something Shows ( and Big Boat Records ( approached me to collaborate with them on a live recorded music video - the likes of which The Yukon has never seen!

Over two days we filmed and recorded 9 live bands in the basement of the iconic CBC Yukon building. The resulting film “Beneath The Broadcast” exists in two separate formats: one as a complete full-length 55 minute film, and the other as nine individual videos featuring each act. 

From Something Shows Website: “Capturing a variety of genres – folk, rock n’ roll, alternative, sacred harp/doom, soul, hip-hop, and grunge – the film creates a collaborative piece highlighting the music and the filmmakers of Whitehorse at a specific moment in time. A collaboration between Yukon-based organizations Something Shows, Big Boat Records, local filmmaker Brendan Preston, and musical acts Jona Barr, The Sputnik Experiment, Paris Pick, Cryptozoologists, Calla Kinglit, LOCAL BOY, The Sweeties, Groan Boy, and Soda Pony, Beneath the Broadcast represents a variety of experience, perspective, and reflections on life through art in the Yukon capital.”

***Shout out to my camera team:

Gaffer/1st Ac - Marty O’brien /// B-Cam/BTS Videographer - Brett Elliot

The first video: Jona Barr

(future videos will be posted here upon their release)

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Canadian Wildlife Federation - Assessing the Fate of the Yukon Chinook Salmon

The Canadian Wildlife Federation got in touch to produce a series of mini-documentaries showcasing their Yukon Chinook Salmon research in the Territory. Specifically, the series looks at the work CWF is doing on the Yukon River with regards to tagging Chinook Salmon in order to monitor the effectiveness and impacts of the Whitehorse fish ladder. I grew up a few blocks from the Fish Ladder so it was cool to get a behind the scenes look at the work going on there.

Link Part 1:

Link Part ll:

Link Part lll:

CWF James Fish LAdder v1.00_00_18_21.Still006.jpg

River of Life: Yukon

This past month has been one of the most intense experiences of my career. I’ve just wrapped shooting 21 days on a German Movie-Of-The-Week titled “River of Life: Yukon”. Apparently this series is broadcast on Germany’s second largest cable network and has an audience of 8 million people! My role on the project was B-Camera Operator and while it was long hours (averaging 15 hrs a day), it was an amazing experience. Working closely with the cinematographer Ralf Noack ( I was able to learn a great deal - like how to light a scene with a flamethrower or do a tracking shot on a wolf as it sprints towards camera. Aside from the opportunity to work with an amazing team of Yukoners, Germans, Austrians, Vancouverites and a single Australian, I think one of the highlights was “fishing” for shots on an important scene and getting a big hi-5 from the director as she said “that was beautiful!” I can’t wait to see the final cut - I just hope it has English subtitles!


Amazing Race Canada

Amazing Race Canada hired me as a camera operator for their Dawson City episode. It was pretty cool to see how such a massive operation comes together and to see my work on the most popular TV show in Canada! I started the day with a 5:00am call time in order to go up to The Dome (the mountain that looms over the city) and capture a timelapse of the sunrise. I then went on to Diamond Tooth Girties where I was based for the rest of the day. I didn't wrap until ~8:00pm. It was a long day, but seeing my footage from Girties and the timelapse in the show's opening credits (at a ratio of 2 hours of shooting : 2 seconds of timelapse) was............AMAZING! 

amazing timelapse copy.jpg

Westside Studio

Westside Studio came all the way from Toronto to shoot a commercial for ECO Canada. I was brought on board as the 2nd AC. It was a beautiful day of shooting out on the Wheaton River...I just wish I had time to throw a few flies in the water!