2018 Yukon Bachelor Auction

The Boys & Girls Club got in touch again this year and asked if we could make a new video for their annual Bachelor Auction. Our video from last year was a big hit, so we knew we had to raise the bar. Here's what we came up with.....enjoy!

Yukon Commissioner

The Office of the Yukon Commissioner got in touch just before the holidays to do a quick Goodbye/Retirement video for our popular commissioner, Doug Phillips. We spent a day interviewing several of his associates and friends from the many years of his service. The video was shown at the annual Commissioner's New Year's Levee and will soon be available online. 


Golden Predator Mining - Winter

Golden Predator Mining invited me back to their 3 Aces Property to showcase their winter operation. It was a frigid -35˚C but at least the light cooperated (for the few hours it was out). The video has been very well received at this year's Roundup Mining Conference - Golden Predator stock has jumped from approximately $0.50 to $1.70 since the video was launched...and I like to think it's largely because of the video ; )

Have a gander here:  https://vimeo.com/202845140

Note: images below are frame grabs from the video.