Anash & the Legacy of the Sun-Rock

About 2 months ago a TV series called Anash & the Legacy of the Sun Rock came to Whitehorse and I managed to get a job as a Production Assistant and Stills Photographer for the series.  A funny incident came up when one of the actors was absent and they needed someone to play a British sailor.....immediately! So they ran into the office, grabbed me, threw me into wardrobe (18th century costume) and makeup, shoved the lines into my hand and directed me to say a few lines. I have to say acting is quite a bit harder than I imagined. I think I buggered the lines up 3 times before getting it right. So I guess now I will now have to get an agent and move to Nigeria. All in all, it has turned out to be an amazing experience and I've learned many of the inner workings of the industry. As the stills photographer, my pictures were used in a local newspaper called "What's Up Yukon". I think they look pretty good. The website link is here