Moving Water

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. And so it has been a while since my last post. A quick update: I ended up winning the Royale Competition (thank you to everyone that voted for my picture), witnessed that madness that was the Olympic Games here in Vancouver, and recently just got back from Cuba. Other than that, the big news is that I am now in Film School here in Vancouver! It's very exciting to be making the transition from photography to moving images. Some things translate, while others are completely new (the whole camera movement aspect adds a whole new dimension in itself, never mind blocking actors, and directing a crew of people). If I look back on the past few years, my transition to this new medium probably couldn't have been more natural, or maybe slow is the word. From still photography I started making stop-motion videos and then purchased the new Canon 5d Mark II (which has video capabilities) and this opened the new Pandora's box!

Because I'm now working to 'master' this new medium, I am trying to practice as often as possible. A trip to Cuba was one of these opportunities. I've posted some pics but also check out the link to the video I made. Cheers.