For some reason I'm fascinated by the circus. I don't think I'm fascinated by them particularly in the way that they themselves aim to fascinate their audiences - with dazzling & spectacular stunts, humour, and art - but instead I find the lifestyle and people themselves more dazzling & spectacular.

The ZUARY CIRCUS is a small group of entertainers that we encountered in Nicaragua. It consists of about 20 people that fill the roles of animal trainers, belly dancers, motorcycle stuntman, balancing phenom, rope-swing-thingy-twirling guy.... and many other positions that I cannot describe. Many of them are related in one way or another and they spend their days hanging around their camper vans (beside the big tent) or exploring whichever town they find themselves in. Around dinner time, they get into costume and for the next 2 hours or so perform their mind bending or death defying talents for the small crowds that have decided to feed their curiosities. Unfortunately my travel schedule didn't allow me to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. But here are some pictures taken from a few hours with the MAGNIFICENT ZUARY CIRCUS! enjoy.

The blur in the cage is the motorcycle!

Sad Clown