City Bylaw Video

This year, The City of Whitehorse has some new rules regarding snowmobiling within the city limits and they were looking to put together a short 3 min. video to inform people about the changes.  Working with the agency Outside The Cube, we came up with the concept of two characters in which one follows the rules while the other thinks he's "too cool for school" and doesn't pay attention to them. As a result he ends up in some sticky situations. Unfortunately, shooting in the Yukon in December can be a challenge and after weeks of -40˚C weather, it finally warmed up to a balmy -18˚C so we decided to go for it.  Another challenging factor of shooting up here is the amount of available daylight: sunrise is at 10:00 am and the sun sets at 3:40 pm, so we had to move fast! After a few hiccups, the shoot went super smooth.

Here are a few screen grabs from the day. Enjoy!