CanadaSCORES Vancouver

I was having drinks with a friend a few months ago and he mentioned he was doing some work with a new charity named CanadaSCORES, which runs an after school program for at risk youth across the lower mainland. The program combines soccer, poetry and community service as well as on-going mentoring for students. Right away I wanted to be a part of it. I grew up in Whitehorse playing soccer, played throughout University and even started the first local Whitehorse kids soccer camp during summers home from University - so needless to say soccer has been a large part of my life - to be expected I guess when one has an Irish mother. I asked my friend how I could help and within a few days I was CanadaSCORES' video guy. Here are a few screen grabs from outings with the team.

You can learn more about CanadaSCORES at