Council of Yukon First Nations - Working on Wellness Campaign

The Yukon Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) got in touch a few months back looking to create a video promoting their Working on Wellness (WoW) campaign - a program that helps incorporate & promote healthy practices in the work environment. Making engaging and creative videos of this kind can be somewhat challenging. While they can be done effectively, they take a somewhat large budget to do well (ie. large cast + crew + lots of lighting = large budgets). And even then, at the end of the day you have people around an office doing office-y things like eating an apple, stretching, smiling wile they hang out at the water cooler, and having a grand old time. So the answer? Animation! Animation gave us the flexibility to get the message across in a playful and engaging way. With animation, we can have the elements (ie. clock, computer) bounce and jiggle into screen; we can over emphasize facial expressions that in Live Action (using real people) would seem glib or sarcastic - the options really are somewhat limitless. In the end it's just a much more dynamic way to get this particular type of messaging across. Could we have done it using Live Action? Sure. But it's about the most effective  (and cost effective) tool for the job and for this project I think we made the right choice! Check it out for yourself at the link below.


CYFN MASTER ANIMATION v1 480p.00_00_12_01.Still001.jpg

To compliment the animation, we also did a number of interviews with participants in the WoW pilot project. The aim was to get a sense of the challenges and successes of the program. This video was more in depth and geared towards workplaces that were in the early stages of implementing the WoW program.