Casper - Flackern, Flimmern

I was fortunate enough to be 1st Assistant Camera on this epic 3 day shoot for the extremely popular German Hip Hop artist, Casper. This shoot had it all: helicopters, good weather, good luck, and a great crew!

Among other locations, this shoot took us to a little known plane crash site from the 1950's, located high in the mountains, about 50 km North of Haines Junction (for more info: That day, the Weather Gods smiled upon us: while it was -25*C in town, it was +2*C up the mountain - spring had come 2 months early! After a long day of shooting, I looked out the heli window as we headed back to town. The sun was setting on the pink Kluane Mountains, and it was definitely one of those "I love my job" feelings...also "man, I wish all my gigs were this cool!"