River of Life: Yukon

This past month has been one of the most intense experiences of my career. I’ve just wrapped shooting 21 days on a German Movie-Of-The-Week titled “River of Life: Yukon”. Apparently this series is broadcast on Germany’s second largest cable network and has an audience of 8 million people! My role on the project was B-Camera Operator and while it was long hours (averaging 15 hrs a day), it was an amazing experience. Working closely with the cinematographer Ralf Noack (http://www.ralfnoack.com) I was able to learn a great deal - like how to light a scene with a flamethrower or do a tracking shot on a wolf as it sprints towards camera. Aside from the opportunity to work with an amazing team of Yukoners, Germans, Austrians, Vancouverites and a single Australian, I think one of the highlights was “fishing” for shots on an important scene and getting a big hi-5 from the director as she said “that was beautiful!” I can’t wait to see the final cut - I just hope it has English subtitles!