Stick Your Neck Out

It's been over two months since my last post and it feels like a lot has happened. A brief update: Hell on Wheels premiered at the Whistler Film Festival, and though it didn't win, it was an audience favourite. It has since been accepted to the Dawson City Festival (April 21-24) and I'm waiting to hear back from others. I've come to realize that if you want exposure in this industry you have to play the festival game - ie. submit, submit, wait, wait, submit, and hopefully attend.

I've also just recently returned from a motorcycle trip in South Africa. We covered a lot of ground and saw some amazing landscape. However, the pace of the trip was such that I couldn't shoot as much as I would have liked. The age old travel debate of quantity over quality (whether to move quickly over a lot of ground, or take your time and sacrifice some destinations in order to explore at a greater depth) comes to mind. I did manage of course to get some great film + photos, but was expecting to get more : (

Oh, I almost forgot, in December I finally graduated from Vancouver Film School. The year was intense but I'm pretty confident it's given me some good skills & a decent portfolio of films. From here on it'll be a long windy road to making my own projects and/or working in the camera dept. on others' projects.

As a new graduate, the first order of business was to complete my first Director Reel + Cinematographer Reel. Hopefully these portfolio pieces should be helpful in applying for future film projects.

Check them out here:

Finally, here's a few photo's from my Africa trip. EnjoY!