Yo No Como Huevo De Tortuga!

Well the flowers are out, the grass is green, and I think that is supposed to mean that summer has arrived. I guess Vancouver didn't get the memo. As I'm writing this it is once again raining. In any case it's time for me to put the "Pedal to the Metal"! After graduating film school it feels like I've been floating around - first the trip to Africa and then recently backpacking through Central America.  Although the trips were amazing, it also feels good to be back and I can now focus my energies into a number of projects that have been on my agenda for some time.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos taken from my CA trip. It was an interesting time warp for me in that I didn't want to risk bringing my Canon 5D, so I brought my trusty old Canon XTi (the first digital DSLR that I owned). Although I often missed my 5D's sweet personality and sensible qualities (especially in low light), the trusty old camera had it's charms as well.