Yukon Highways & Public Works

I was recently brought on by Max Fraser Productions to work on a Human resources video for Yukon Highways & Public Works. I was responsible for editing, graphics & motion graphics. In order to replicate the dept. branding, we used a lot of browns and layered some scribbles from blueprints and other docs. One of the difficulties with this project was that they wanted a version in which they list pretty much all the communities in the Yukon and many of the services that they're responsible for - this was a LOT of text. So we had to get creative in figuring out how to get the message across while keeping people's attention and not jeopardizing the style of the piece. We decided to embed the text into the image and have it "interact" with the objects in the scene. This was done in AE and involved 3d Camera Tracking and rotoscoping objects, or matting. 

Here are some samples:

HPW - DVD Sample v3.jpg
Sequence 01.Still001.jpg
Sequence 01.Still005.jpg
Sequence 01.Still007.jpg
Sequence 01.Still006.jpg
Sequence 01.Still008.jpg