"Now, that's how you Dawson!"

This past weekend I had the opportunity to document a team of Whitehorse hockey players in the Dawson City Men's Tourney. Over the past few years I've heard legendary stories of the shenanigans that go on at this tourney, so I figured I'd better tag along and put together something of a mini-doc or a trailer of the weekend. Visions of a grittier HBO's 24/7 were in my head at first, but I quickly realized I didn't have nearly enough crew to follow the ever evolving storylines, nevermind the games themselves. I think you'd need a crew of at least 3 cameras to do it properly - but I did manage to get some gold...some that is "fit to print" so to speak. Other footage must unfortunately be left on the cutting room floor. Here are a few grabs from the weekend (click on the image below to scroll through. Trailer/mini-doc coming soon):