Golden Predator Inc.

Golden Predator Inc. invited me out to their 3 Aces site a few months back to create a short marketing video that would give potential investors a sense of the area and the operations. This was a part of the Yukon I had not explored before, so it was a real treat to fly in with Archbould Photography and the fine folks at Alkan Air. As we skimmed the tops of the Selwyn Mountain Range on our way home; gazing out the window at the landscape below, I couldn't help thinking we live in one of the prettiest places on earth. 

Video here (note: they were only interested in capturing drone footage for this one):

Cody Coyote Music Video

Cody Coyote, a First Nations Hip Hop artist based out of Ottawa was in the Yukon last week to shoot his new music video "Northern Lights" with local collaborators Vision Quest. We decided on a  concept that would show the beauty of the North (Cody had never seen a real mountain before coming to the Yukon) and highlight some of the Yukon FN youth in their traditional regalia. Our first location was Emerald Lake (a 45 minute drive from Whitehorse), known for the emerald-like soil that shimmers below the surface. I suppose it could just as easily be called "Northern Lights Lake" as it fit pretty nicely with the title of the song. Here are a few BTS pics from the shoot. The final video should launch in a few weeks.

***An article on Cody Coyote for CBC News "Aboriginal hip-hop artist Cody Coyote visits Yukon for music video shoot":

****Interview with Dave White for CBC Radio: 

National Geographic Magazine

My wife and I were recently at the grocery store checkout when I started flipping through the latest issue of National Geographic Magazine and came across my photo of Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet!! It was being used in a full page advertisement (page 2) for the Nat Geo Wild TV show!! Pretty exciting to see my photo printed in Nat Geo as this had long been a goal of mine. It's not a feature spot but I'll take it!


Old Crow

"When the salmon return, we'll be ready!" - Pauline Frost
The Salmon Sub-Committee invited me to Old Crow last weekend to create a video on the importance of passing on traditional knowledge to younger generations. Themes of identity, community and perseverance where highlighted throughout the weekend.
This was my first trip to Old Crow and it was pretty spectacular. Here are a few screen grabs - video coming soon.