Stantec recently brought me in to take some headshots of their team and a few snaps of them doing their thing around the office. They were all great sports, which made for a fun day of shooting!


Thirst Aid

Yukon Brewery got in touch the other week to see if I could do some basic product shots for their new "Thirst Aid" cases. After some "very tough" negotiations, of course I said yes! 


Yukon Hospital Foundation

I was approached a few weeks back by The Yukon Hospital Foundation to make a video for their MRI campaign. We decided to showcase a few of the many people that have benefited from the Foundation's work. It's a very inspiring and emotional project, with many stories of hope and inspiration. Here are a few screen grabs from the shoot.

*UPDATE: The video has helped in raising the last $500,000 for their MRI campaign and they have now reached their goal of $2 Million. Looks like the Yukon will soon have a MRI machine after all!

You can view the video here:

MoonStruck Cheese Farm

My girlfriend and I were recently invited to the Moonstruck Organic Cheese Farm on Saltspring Island. It was nice to hang out with the cows (which for whatever reason thought my camera was the most interesting thing in the world), and get an idea of what life is like on a cheese farm. In the morning we were awoken by our noisy neighbors, as they Moo'd for their breakfast. We ended up shooting some quick product photos for the company to use in their marketing. Here are some selections. Enjoy!