Ready, Willing & Able

"The opportunity to be able to do something, even if it's just for a few months, its a lifesaver for me." - Cheryl

Yukon Community Living Association got in touch a few weeks ago looking to create a video that featured Yukon employers and job seekers from their Ready, Willing & Able program. The video aims to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities. Over two days we shot a number of interviews and footage of employees with disabilities as they went about their daily jobs. From a grocery store cashier, to a self-employed dog walker and janitor, themes of teamwork, accomplishment and pride were highlighted throughout the shoot. Here are a few screen grabs. Video coming soon!

New Documentary: Garbage Truck Santa

I've finally found time to start editing my documentary on local Whitehorse Legend: Garbage Truck Santa (AKA Wayne Henderson). Last winter I acted as Santa's little documentary Elf for a day as he cruised around Whitehorse handing out Candy Canes and spreading the Xmas cheer. It was a great day on many levels and I'm excited to see how the doc is coming together. It feels good be back in the doc world. I'll post a trailer soon, but in the meantime here are a few screen grabs:

2014 Culinary Festival

This year the Yukon Culinary Festival amped it up a bit and invited chefs from Vancouver, Toronto, Yellowknife and Skagway. This is the second year I've shot a video for them and one thing that I've come to realize is that chefs have a crazy ability to work in high pressure environments on pretty much zero sleep and still be relatively chipper in front of the guests. It felt like we were in a rock band travelling around the Territory, but instead of guitars and amps we had knives and fire.

Check out the video here: